About Acme Ice

Boston's Premiere Ice Company

Acme Ice Company is a leading ice provider in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area.  Our expert staff is available to assist you in determining how much cocktail ice you will need depending on the application.
We cater to the restaraunt industry and most of the bars and restaraunts in Boston and surrounding area are regular customers of ACME Ice. Call Us today for your ice needs and have an Ice Day!


ACME ICE is competitively priced. We offer you more aggressive discounts with quantity purchases and regular deliveries. First and for most we offer you the best value in town!


ACME ICE has been the supplier of ice for many local bars and restaurants for more than 50 years. We have an outstanding long term relationships with the most popular “hot spots” in town as well as renowned fine dining establishments and local 5 star hotels. We are proud to say our reputation is pristine!


ACME ICE Co. is family owned and operated. We own our trucks and our drivers work for us, which insures strong work ethics and commitment.


At ACME ICE, our commitment is to making the customer happy. We will go to great lengths to insure you are 100% satisfied with our service, price and quality of our product. You are our priority!

Marc Savenor