Cocktail Ice

We are a full service ice company with regular deliveries of cocktail ice to your location from our retail business in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. 

Our expert staff is available to assist you in determining how much cocktail ice you will need depending on the application. We cater to the restaraunt industry and most of the bars and restaraunts in Boston and surrounding area are regular customers of ACME Ice.

Fast, Reliable Delivery
We deliver 7 days a week,including holidays. We will typically arrive at your location with in an hour or less, we have a fleet of 9 trucks that are radio dispatched to insure prompt delivery. We know the importance of fast delivery!

We Offer Direct Store Delivery!

Quality Products
We provide you with the best quality product that is free of toxins and pollutants. ACME ICE cocktail ice consists of turbo fractured pieces of ice that offer the best nesting in a glass. There is no air space to fill at the bottom of the glass so drinks look very generous which will keep your customers happy!